SynoTek, LLC

Property Management and Consulting

We can help you like no one else can.

SynoTek, LLC is a minority woman owned business consulting company that provides Property Managementand (physical and digital) and Consulting.

SynoTek, LLC is not a consulting firm that makes your organization fit into the “check-the-box” mentality for business consulting. Rather, we develop the solutions to fit your small or medium sized business' goals and existing and planned solution stack.

Personal data is collected by SYNOTEK, LLC and processed regarding prospective and current clients and employees/agents of those clients for the purpose of rendering professional services to SYNOTEK, LLC’s clients. Personal data may be processed in limited circumstances pertaining to the general public in order to respond to requests for information submitted via SYNOTEK, LLC’s website. Should such a request be received from the general public, SYNOTEK, LLC will use the personal data voluntarily provided via the website to reply providing the requested information or communication to the individual making the request.

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