Information Technology and Security

Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (VCISO)

Information Technology gets more advanced and complicated every  year. 

Every organization needs security management with experienced leadership.  However, at almost $100/hr it is almost impossible for companies to have one on staff.   SynoTek, LLC will provide your organization with an experiences and certified IT security professional acting as your CISO.  You will only pay for the time that is actually spent on your needs.  The CISO will work directly with your IT staff so that eventually, they will be able to maintain the system themselves.   They will have an IT strategy, initiatives and become aware of legal requirements, compliance guidelines and know how to protect your brand image.

Your organization would eventually utilize a member of your own executive team to undertake and provide expert guidance management, development, and support of your security framework. Plus they would discover vulnerabilities and manage the risks.  This is a smarter way to meet government requirements, protect your company and service your clients.  This is a tremendous benefit, as your company would be operating on a big-corporation level.  

Cloud Service Provider (CSP)

SynoTek, LLC is a Cloud Service Provider (CSP). We provide cloud services exactly as defined by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Private Off-Site Cloud

An off-site private cloud has two security perimeters, one implemented by a cloud consumer, and one implemented by a provider. The two security perimeters are joined by a protected communications link. The security of data and processing conducted in the outsourced private cloud depends on the strength and availability of both security perimeters and of the protected communication link. The provider thus accepts the responsibility to enforce the provider-implemented security perimeter and to prevent mingling of private cloud resources with other cloud resources that are outside the provider-controlled security perimeter. The suitability of various mechanisms for achieving an appropriate strength of separation between private cloud resources and other cloud resources depends on the consumer's security requirements..

Features of our service:

  • We are your system admin and security team
  • No hardware cost for your organization
  • Accessable from any location
  • Protected data center without overhead cost for your organization

Software Solutions

  • Database and Application Development