On-Site Survey

SynoTek, LLC offers site survey’s for commercial and non-commercial cases.

Wireless Site Survey

Site surveys help you assess WiFi performance. With the growing number of personal WiFi devices, Internet of Things devices becoming increasingly popular it’s becoming a need. A survey will ensure the strength of the signal and even area coverage, as well as detect dead zones and network interference.

There are three main types of wireless site surveys: passive, active, and predictive.

Passive surveys

Signal-to-noise ratio

Signal level

Quantity of access points

Noise level

Signal-to-interference ratio

Frequency band coverage

PHY mode coverage

Active surveys

Throughput testing with Iperf 3 or custom speed test servers

Upload and download speed

Wireless transmit rate

Iperf upload, download and jitter

WiFi Site Survey Terminology and Definitions…

Hardware Survey:

We will evaluate the settings implemented for the routers and modems and make corrections/adjustments if needed.